Grand Opening 5th Ave Barber and ShaveShop

OLd School Barbershop with a reputation for keeping the ladies happy also ....

Big party on May30th at 5th ave n  Naples FL 34102   a splendid time is guaranteed for all cutting and shave specials ...good people and good fun !!! Come add to the reverie !!!

Many of you know Mark Booher ,who was the owner of 5th Ave Barber, has gone for an extended hiatus to the Caribbean . He has been a mainstay in Naples for a while and we will all miss him .

The shop has been brought to new life by two new faces . Tony Bordonaro and Hazel Vazquez  have both been living in the Naples area for many years and welcome all their friends to stop by and become part of the 5th Ave Barber family . We also have two wonderful stylists... an old friend to many of you Jamie , who worked with Mark for a while and Sarah a familiar face to Naples,

Our Style

Inside our quaint little shop you will be welcomed by the aroma of fresh french press coffee , cookies ,donuts and other goodies . A little later in the day  it might be ice cold pop, beer, or wine  maybe sharing lunch with the guys (we tend to like pizza and Publix subs )

On the TV will be vintage boxing matches, old time World Series and Super Bowl games ....Soccer matches from the sixties and seventies ....and vintage cartoons fox news or stock market reports here ...its time to relax

Magazines include  1920 Life , 1960 Sports Illustrated, the original Playboy with Marilyn Monroe and of course superman and Archie comics   (also a great copy of Naples Life from 1972)


We have incorporated Tonys' very popular shave shop ( in the store where you can see and feel all the great items . PreShave oil . Beard oil , After shave and Shaving cream ...all Natural and prepared by him in small batches at the store . Fathers Day is coming up and we have some great gift ideas for the men in your life also.


Our prices are very moderate...we want everyman to be able to experience the manly feel of a hot towel shave with a tsraight edge razor on their neck as often as possible ....Do you know in the early 1900s men used to see their barber once or twice a week???

“A Splendid time is guaranteed for all !!!"„ 5th Ave Barber
Our location

5th Ave North

Naples , FL 34102